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Playing as teenage Stacy - whose wholesome goal is to earn enough money to buy a telescope - kids get to put themselves in charge of other kids. But the virtual charges make big messes, and in each of the dozens of very different houses available to babysit in, Stacy will be kept quite busy cleaning up. Sci-fi assumption apart, though, this really is a fun, frantic game about managing a a bakehouse. The pace gets increasingly chaotic as you attempt to help keep customers happy, and take buy, bake and ice cakes. Pool of Radiance was the first one: it'd official D&D lessons, races and alignments, a fairly detailed -based combat system and even irritating small D&D to memorize spells. quirks like having to remember I remember in the time thinking that the mechanics were far more sophisticated than in computer RPGs of the day, which had its pluses and disadvantages - it was wonderful in case you enjoyed detail, but lousy if you liked to speed through battle. Hey look, it is a a game-play video ! (Image from Wikipedia.)

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Few zoo simulators offer as much room for creativity as this one. As players load their virtual zoos with dozens of different species, the game's "animal editor" allows kids to change not only the colors and fur patterns of their creatures, but the shapes and sizes of ears, noses, tails, paws and more. You want green and yellow striped giraffes? You got it. Once they've been created, interacting with and caring for the realistically animated animals is simple enough for even young kids to handle. Also available on Wii Appropriate for: Older Kids Appropriate for: Younger Kids Price: .99 at

Contents Dungeons and Dragons Turns 40: 10 Magnificent D&D Computer Games In honor of the sport 's 40th anniversary, I consulted with some of another hardcore D&D fanatics in the Laboratories, Jamie Lendino (my dungeon master from 1985 through the mid '90s), Matthew Murray, and Sean Carroll, and we came up with our list of the greatest 10. Pool of Radiance (1988) Plus, iPad now or get a complimentary copy of pcmag.com for the iPhone. THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING! Xinhe Xu

Something suspicious is going on at a fancy-pants prep school, and everybody's favorite teen sleuth is going to get to the bottom of it. One of the students really wants to be valedictorian, and is threatening to do away with her high-achieving competition, so Nancy Drew goes undercover. Players will help the girl detective scout out clues, moving from room to room and watching carefully for incriminating slips-of-thumb in text messages. As with the rest of the excellent games in the Nancy Drew PC series, players can get completely immersed in the mystery - and feel pretty darn good about finally catching the culprit.

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